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Photograph taken in Lima, Peru, as part of the DPU MSc Environment and Sustainable Development field trip in May 2013

As part of its annual Visiting Research Fellows programme, The Bartlett is offering five Visiting Research Fellowships to cutting-edge scholars and practitioners from any cognate discipline to be resident with us in central London for a 12-week period from January-March 2016. The purpose is for these fellows to conduct research and collaborate with Bartlett Faculty staff on subjects that are related to our chosen research theme for 2015-16, which is Intercultural Interaction. This broad theme forms one of UCL’s Grand Challenges which bring together expertise from across UCL and beyond to address the world’s key problems.

We are therefore looking for leading researchers in fields that deal in some way with the theme of Intercultural Interaction, and whose subject matter and methodological approach is able to identify and address a cross-disciplinary interface between at least two of the Bartlett Faculty’s schools/units, and whose research will help us to generate and develop innovative cross-disciplinary modes of research (be they of a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary nature). 

While here at UCL, The Bartlett Visiting Research Fellows will be mentored by relevant staff from at least two Research Groups across the Faculty who are identified in the applicant’s proposal. The Fellows will also be invited to participate in wider Faculty research activities and to present their research-work-in-progress at one of our regular Bartlett Research Exchange events. 

We will select The Bartlett Visiting Research Fellows based on the quality of their research work to date, their future potential as scholars or practitioners, the innovativeness of the cross-disciplinary research project they propose to carry out during their fellowship period, and the relevance of the subject matter to our chosen theme of Intercultural Interaction. 

  • Applicants can be either academic researchers or research-led practitioners.
  • Applicants can be working in any region of the world. 
  • Applicants must have held a PhD or equivalent degree for at least three years, and have suitable post-doctoral research development, or else be able to show evidence of equivalent research experience and quality through practice work. 
  • Applicants do not therefore need to have a current academic affiliation.

The deadline for applications is Friday 10th July 2015. All appointments need to be taken up on Monday 11th January 2016, and no later.

Applicants need to submit the following items:

  • A maximum 2-page CV evidencing key research and/or practice achievements
  • A maximum 2-page Research Proposal which sets out the aims, questions, methods, contexts and outputs for the 10-12 week research period. This proposal should additionally explain:

    • the applicant’s research skills and the qualities/qualifications which will allow them to conduct this piece of research;
    • the relationship of the proposal to their previous research projects;
    • the relationship of the proposal to aspects of The Bartlett's research as drawn from at least two of the schools/units across the Faculty
    • the way in which the proposal will address the idea of cross-disciplinary exchange.
  • A 150-word biography to be used for publicity purposes.
  • A title and summary of the research proposal in not more than 150 words that is suitable for publicity purposes, and which explains the proposal in easily accessible language.

    Please click here to download the application form.

The successful Bartlett Visiting Research Fellows will each receive a fixed sum of £6,000 towards the cost of their accommodation and travel. All other expenses however need to be met by the fellows themselves, or else by their current institutions or practices.

For more information on the program, eligibility requirements, and the application process, as well as details of past recipients, please see our Visiting Research Fellows page.

Read more about the UCL Grand Challenges.

UCL is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable regulations on research ethics.

Those interested in the scheme should contact Professor Murray Fraser (Vice-Dean of Research) or Ella Sivyer (Research and Enterprise Manager, The Bartlett).