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The UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (UCL ISR) delivers world-leading research, teaching and enterprise in the sustainable use of global resources. UCL ISR was established as an academic department at University College London in 2011 and our approach blends expertise from across UCL to make a truly cross-disciplinary institute.

UCL ISR is able to expand and strengthen its research portfolio through the expertise of our in-house academic research staff as well as a network of academic and research staff across our faculty, The Bartlett, the wider UCL community and around the world. UCL ISR currently has over 18 funded projects from a number of different research bodies including EPSRC, NERC, ESRC, European Union FP7 and Horizon 2020.

In addition we have established the Sustainable Use of Resources and the Environment Doctoral Training Programme to train the next generation of leaders in sustainable resource management. Our students work alongside experienced researchers from across UCL in a dynamic environment which provides a multi-disciplinary training environment.  UCL ISR also offers an MSc in the Economics and Politics of Energy and the Environment and a newly developed MSc in Sustainable Resources which starts in September 2016.

We also engage in a number of enterprise activities, relating to consultancy, policy and outreach. Typically this work involves providing consultancy support to industry, advising governments at UK and EU level as well as promoting debate through a comprehensive seminar series and annual symposium.

Much global expertise in resource use and how that can be made sustainable rests with the companies whose business is the extraction, processing or use of natural resources. Therefore it is important for UCL ISR to build strong mutually beneficial relationships with businesses of this kind. UCL ISR has a strict policy of engagement with industry and any related funding. Our policy is available to read and further information about our involvement with industry is available in our partnerships section.

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER)

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources is part of The Bartlett School of Environment Energy and Resources, along with the UCL Energy Institute, the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering and the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage.

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER), created in September 2014, is home to the Faculty’s Institutes that specialise in Energy, Environment, Resources and Heritage, and the staff and students that work within and across its Institutes. The role of the School is to facilitate the Institutes and help them establish themselves and grow, enabling them to focus on and develop their academic direction and strategies.  Read more about BSEER