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MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment


UCL ISR and our partner institute UCL-Energy, have codeveloped an exciting new Masters in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment (MSc in EPEE).

The aim of this new course is to give its students the essential knowledge that they need to understand, analyse and manage environment-resource-economy interactions. 

This is now a global agenda of increasing importance to business, policy makers and civil society in all countries.

The MSC EPEE was launched in September 2013 with the enrolment of 54 students from around the world. There are further plans to launch an additional MSc in the thematic area of sustainable resources in 2015 or 2016.


The MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment is a 180 credit course, focused on the needs of early career researchers.

The course will employ a range of teaching, learning and assessment methodologies, including lectures, interactive seminars and presentations from visiting speakers from a range of businesses and other organisations.

Students will also be able to attend the wide-ranging seminar series organised by UCL ISR, UCL Energy and the other Schools contributing to the MSc.

Assessment methods will differ between modules, and will comprise examinations, assessed course work, including hands-on modelling projects, and a dissertation for students to put into detailed practice the methods and techniques about which they have learned in the taught part of the course.

Compulsory modules
  • BENVGEC1 - Research Concepts and Methods (15 credits)
  • BENVGEC2 - Environmental and Resource Economics (15 credits)
  • BENVGEC3 - Modelling, Methods and Scenarios (15 credits)
  • BENVGEC5 - Evidence, Policy Assessment and Environmental Law (15 credits)
  • BENVGBE8 - Dissertation (60 credits)
  • PUBLG012 - Political Economy of Energy Policy (15 credits) 

(this module will not be running from 2015 - it will be replaced by a new module currently being developed by The UCL Energy Institute)

Optional modules
  • BENVGEC6 - Advanced Energy-Environment-Economy Modelling (15 credits)
  • BENVGEC7- UK Energy and Environment Policy and Law (15 credits)
  • SEESGS65 - Energy, Technology and Innovation (15 credits)
  • BENVGEC9 - Energy, People and Behavior (15 credits)
  • BENVGE0A - Business and Sustainability (15 credits)
  • BENVGECC - Advanced Environmental Economics (15 credits)
  • BENVGECB - Econometrics for Energy and the Environment (15 credits)

Further detail on the course content of these models can be found at MSc EPEE>

How to Apply

Details of the application process for this course can be found at:

Applying for MSc in EPEE >