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UCL ISR Seminar Series: Resource efficiency, finance and the Rolling Stones

18:00 - 19:30 21 November 2013

Location: Central House; 14 Upper Woburn Pl, WC1H 0NN London

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Speaker: Dr Nigel Jollands, Principal Policy Manager, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Abstract: Nigel considers the Rolling Stones as one of the greatest sources of philosophical insight for the 21st Century. Drawing on their prescience he will tie together the imperative for pursuing a resource efficient future with the critical need for finance and banks. In particular, he will outline the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Sustainable Resource Initiative (SRI) as the EBRD’s strategic response to the emerging resource challenges and opportunities.

Biography: Dr. Nigel Jollands has worked on sustainable energy and environmental policy for 20 years.  In March 2011 he took up a post with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as Principal Policy Manager, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change where he works at the interface between policy and finance. This role includes leading the development and implementation of the Bank’s Sustainable Resource Initiative, providing strategic direction to the Bank’s Sustainable Energy Initiative and supporting the Bank’s investment programme through policy dialogue with governments in the Bank’s area of operations (Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia). Prior to this role, he spent 5 years as Head, Energy Efficiency Unit at the International Energy Agency. At the IEA he managed the Agency’s energy efficiency policy team, co-ordinated the Agency’s Energy Efficiency Working Party, and liaised with multi-lateral energy efficiency initiatives including the G8 and the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooporation (IPEEC).

Nigel’s previous positions include Principal Ecological Economist in the New Zealand Centre for Ecological Economics (NZCEE), Senior Lecturer at Massey University, and senior policy analyst in New Zealand’s captial at various Ministries (Ministry of Commerce; Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority and Ministry for the Environment).  He is a regular presenter at international conferences, has published numerous journal articles and contributed to several books in the area of energy efficiency and ecological economics.